Techno Forum Group is a group of Organization and Business Units focusing on fostering the Research abilities of the IT industry. Was started in the year of 2006 for developing small-scale projects as Techno Forum Software Solutions. The organisation focuses on providing highly innovative business solutions that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively without diminishing quality in complex environments.

Corporate Registered Office of Techno Forum Group is located at Pondicherry, India with its 8 branches spread across at United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Thailand and HKSAR. Techno Forum has more than 375+ customers globally since its inception. The organisation provides supports for the Educational ERP Suites, Research and Development of Security based applications, Cloud-based applications and complete eGovernance suites. Techno Forum provides solutions for multiple verticals which is in need of Real Technology.

Techno Forum Software Solutions concentrates in the application developments of greater magnitude. This body ultimately concentrates on the flavouring of ERP solutions for the end users. Numerous complete eGovernance suites were developed by Techno Forum Software Solutions which are being sold in the market at nominal cost.

Spread across the globe, Techno Forum Software Solutions works to the expectation of the customers including internal.

Techno Forum iTeach is a individual body which concentrates on the sales of OEM Software Products for large corporate, institutions and establishments. Techno Forum iTeach sells products of Symantec, Microsoft and Oracle. Adding to it, Techno Forum is a Microsoft Gold partner for the Software reselling.

Techno Forum Research and Development Centre was established in the year 2010 to develop and promote the Academic and Industrial Research in India and Foreign Countries. TFR&DC also supports ASDF in publishing International Journals and Technical newsletters which will surely bring some development in the field of Research.

Techno Forum Research and Development Centre holds various International Conference, Symposiums and Workshops which fosters the Research knowledge among the people. Every year a mega Conference is being organised by TFR&DC.

Techno Forum Research Foundation concentrates and promotes research across the globe by providing Financial Sponsorship to the institutions and bodies holding conferences. It creates a platform for the people to collaborate and calibrate the present endeavors.

The society Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF) mainly aims at the collaboration of people from various sectors to gain the knowledge of educating, developing and researching. This society improves learning, teaching, developing and research skills by advancing the effective use of technology.

The ASDF membership is a powerful and meaningful way for educators, developers, scientists and students to connect with their peers to gather in a variety of forum to share the challenges and excitement of knowledge gained and to be a part of the community that leads the transformation.