Our software solutions range from large enterprise systems to apps and transactional websites. We have a flexible approach, building solutions that fit the client’s exact requirements – solutions that are delivered on time, on brief and on budget.

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE: Software is designed to fit your specific business needs. We specialise in enterprise software applications that help automate your organisational processes, such as ERPs, CRMs, BPMs. In terms of bespoke software development, we also have lots of Fintech development experience. Our large base is for Academic Universities.

SAAS DEVELOPMENT: We plan and develop software-as-a-service applications tailored to your organisation’s needs. Ensuring they are easy to manage and use, and fully tested.

CLOUD-BASED SOLUTIONS: The cloud works for some businesses and solutions but not others. We advise on the best route for you. If the cloud is right, we advise on the set-up and develop the solution.

INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN AND BUILD: Technical architects design a bespoke application and an infrastructure technology blueprint tailored to your business needs.

WEB APPLICATIONS: High-end web applications for the internet and intranet. We find the optimum solution, making sure that even the most complex applications are easy to use.

MOBILE SOLUTIONS: Mobile software solutions for smartphones and other mobile devices. Depending on the project’s requirements, we develop a native app or a web-based mobile app.

BESPOKE E-COMMERCE & PAYMENT SOLUTIONS: We use leading-edge technology to deliver fast e-commerce functionality; fully integrated with an array of payment solutions. Everything is designed to be easily modified and scaled as your business grows.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Business Intelligence solutions that transform your raw data into meaningful information. And support business processes like reporting, performance analysis and decision-making.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION: New systems and software applications that are compatible with existing systems to give you a complete automated solution. They come with built-in integration capabilities for future integrations with other systems.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: We integrate an advanced Quality Assurance approach throughout the software development lifecycle. Keeping your software operating and error-free.